Transforming arsenic and fluoride crisis in drinking water into an economic enterprise

Abhijeet Gan

Rite Water Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur

Mike German

WIST, Inc, Brighton, MA

The Problem:

Over 100 million people across 18 of India's 23 states experience arsenic and fluoride poisoning by drinking contaminated groundwater, resulting in hundreds of thousands of people suffering from cancers, bone deformities, and early death.

The Solution:

economic opportunity by blending a novel, locally-sourced Donnan Principle-based arsenic and fluoride adsorbent (Donna-AFSorb) with a micro-franchise business model providing appropriate community-based or domestic water filters to villagers. A second-generation, multi-contaminant adsorbent has been developed that can be locally produced. The synthesis of Donna-AFSorb has been optimized at the lab-scale for treatment of arsenic, fluoride, phosphate, nitrate, selenite and uranium.