Solar Electric Tractor - Agriculture and Power

Parimal Shah

Lovson Enterprises Pvt. Ltd Ahmedabad

Keith Rutledge

Solectrac LLC Willits, CA

The Problem:

Rising diesel prices make it very difficult for subsistence farmers in less developed countries to afford tractors to increase agricultural production.

The Solution:

The Solar Electric Tractor (Solectrac) is a full function agricultural tractor that operates with up to 5 times the efficiency of a diesel tractor performing the same farming tasks. The solar electric tractor with a battery-inverter system provides electric power anywhere anytime Solectracs can also be used for portable power, home power, water pumping and mechanical functions as well as for hauling and transportation needs. Because the Solectrac is electric its batteries can be charged directly by clean renewable energy or it can be charged at low cost from the electric utility grid at off-peak rates. Solectracs use patented "quick change" battery packs to extend operational periods.