A novel way to manage fecal incontinence in non-ambulatory patients

Nishith Chasmawala

Consure Medical Pvt. Ltd. Surat

Matt Durack

Lunar Design San Francisco, CA

The Problem:

Fecal incontinence, the inability to control the release of stool, is a ubiquitous clinical problem that affects more than 50 million patients globally. The absence of an adequate management solution for fecal incontinence leads to increased utilization of hospital resources and adversely impacts the mortality by 7%.

The Solution:

The team has developed a self-expanding device to manage fecal incontinence in non-ambulatory patients with a unique placement, deployment and withdrawal mechanism. The device requires minimal training and can be administered without the need for imaging and works on all patients, irrespective of their stool type or sphincter tone. The product offers a hygienic insertion mechanism and is overall very sanitary and patient friendly.

  • Exclusive license agreement – Govt. of India
  • Series A venture capital and international grants
  • Gen1 product development completed
  • Patents in national phase
  • Contract manufacturing established
  • FIM safety study successful (AIIMS)
  • Efficacy study in target patients ongoing