Mobile Phone based HbA1c Analyzer

Sidhant Jena

Janacare Solutions Private Limited New Delhi

Stephen Chen

Teco Diagnostics Anaheim, CA

The Problem:

There is an acute need for a low-cost and portable Hb1Ac monitor top screen and manage diabetes in the developing world. However, most standardized HbA1c monitors and expensive, bulky and assay based systems and thus not suited for mass adoption.

The Solution:

The team proposes to co-develop a low-cost mobile phone platform to measure HbA1c. Their novel platform comprises of two components- a colorimetric test strip for HbA1c and a software application that uses the phone's camera to analyze the test strip. Additionally, the software application can provide automated decision support and transmit data to remote specialists, thus enabling millions of field health workers to screen and manage diabetes in even the most remote communities.