Millimeter wave transceiver development for high bandwidth secure wireless communication. Principal Investigators

Neha Satak

Astrome Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Raghunath Das

Aniara SpaceCom LLC, Princeton, NJ

The Problem:

Every kind of wireless communication, such as the radio, cell phone, or satellite, uses specific range of wavelengths or frequencies. Increases in the amount of information transmitted require the use of higher frequencies.

The Solution:

The project involves high-bandwidth mm-wave wireless communication technology that has applications both in terrestrial and space sectors, coupled with space internet transponder, which will enable access to low cost, high-speed internet, to facilitate point-to-multipoint link formation through a key patented technology. The proposed development of microwave equipment supports communication between towers at 20+Gbps speeds as compared to 1-2Gbps available today.