Hand Cranked Rugged and Affordable Defibrillators for low resource settings

Annirudha Atre

Jeevtronics (P) Ltd., Pune

Ashish Gawade

Jeevtronics (P) Ltd., Pune

The Problem:

1.8 million of 2.2 million death causes surveyed, occurred due to cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in low and middle income countries. India has over 660,000 sudden cardiac deaths annually. This must be done within first ten minutes post-SCA high.

The Solution:

Project aims to develop a Defibrillator based on hand crank generator mechanism that charges high voltage capacitor to 2000 V within 12 seconds of easy cranking, which has been patented. The charging circuit converts 200 J of energy from hand crank or grid and stores it into the capacitor eliminating need for a battery. Both charging as well as discharging circuit has also been patented. The system also integrates converting ECG signals to audio in addition to regular graphic presentation. This has also been patented. The overall cost of the system is expected to be just about 20% of the commercially available system and elimination of the battery or the requirement of grid power makes it suitable for usage in remote areas as well as during mobile transportation. Audio ECG will further enhance the utility of the device if used by semi-skilled trained staff in the absence of doctors and trained paramedics.