Commercialization of cultivated sea plants based organic bio-stimulants for applications in the USA

Abhiram Seth

Aquagri Processing Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi

Ganesh Vishwanath

GloBridge Ventures LLC Fremont, CA

The Problem:

There are two fundamental problems that are attempted the endemic poverty in India and the rising consumer demand for organic products in the US Market.

The Solution:

Aquagri has pioneered seaweed cultivation in India with a prime focus on creation of livelihood opportunities for the coastal communities and to enhance its sustainability by developing a wide range of value added products. Aquagri through sea plant cultivation would help in expanding the cultivation base itself. GloBridge Ventures LLC plans to work in collaboration with Aquagri to market and distribute the products/solutions with a focus on organic segments that improves efficiency, lowers cost and improves the health of livestock and crop productivity.