Modular diagnosis of cervical cancer utilizing smartphone diagnostics and artificial intelligence

Adarsh Natrajan

Aindra Systems (P) Ltd., Bangalore

Louis Auguste

Alexpath, NY

The Problem:

India has more than a third of the global incidences of Cervical Cancers (~140,000) as well as mortalities (~74,000). This number indicates that one woman dies every 7 minutes in India due to a disease that is completely curable, if only detected early.

The Solution:

The proposal aims to build a modular device for the diagnosis of cervical cancer which will be an affordable and portable, 'point-of-care' Cervical Cancer Screening tool, to automate the analysis of the PAP smear slides. The slides are stained, scanned, digitized and then analysed using computer algorithms to triage them into normal, suspect and abnormal samples. The images are then sent over a Tele-pathology medium to pathologists for further confirmations and recommendations.

The proposal aims to build a modular device for the diagnosis of cervical cancer. First module deals with the sampling part and is mostly conventional. The second module deals with screening of the sample and involves an optical device along with corresponding software. The third module deals with transmission of data, cloud storage and data analytics tools to interpret information to facilitate clinicians. The optics related to the second module will be dealt with by the US partner while the data communication and analytical part, including algorithms for interpretation of the results, related to the 3rd module and the overall system integration will be handled by the Indian Partner.