Annexure III: Executive Summary Format

Overall Page limit: Not to exceed 3000 words (about 5 pages). Use the following word limits as guidance.

1. Basic Information

  1. Title of the Proposal
  2. Program Area
  3. Contact Information
    1. Lead U.S. Partner
      • Industry/Organization (Name, Address, Country, Zip Code & Website)
      • Contact Person (Name, Designation, Contact Numbers, Email Id)
    2. Lead Indian Partner
      • (Same Details as in iii (a))
    3. Other Indian /U.S. Partners
      • (Same Details as in iii (a))
  4. Have you applied earlier for funding under USISTEF? If yes, please provide reference number, proposal title, and list all applicant partner names.
  5. What is the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the current project?                                                                                              20 Words

2. Problem you are trying to solve

a) Describe the problem and proposed solution   200 Words
b) What are the existing alternate solutions that people are using and cost of those solutions?   200 Words
c) Does the proposal have significant societal impact?   200 Words

3. Market size and customer definition

a) Describe your target customer   100 Words
b) Describe market size   100 Words
c) Describe competition and respective market shares   100 Words
d) Describe competitive advantage   100 Words

4. Description of Innovative Product and Technology

a) What is the current status of the technological development and its validation? Please clarify, if the current status of the proposed product/technology is at the idea stage/ ready with the prototype/ proof of concept developed.   150 Words
b) What is new/innovation in the technology/service which is not offered by other companies that would make societal impact?   150 Words
c) What is the proprietary nature of the technology/service?   100 Words
d) What are the key challenges and milestones (3-4) for bringing the product to market?   100 Words
e) Regulatory Compliances/ Environmental clearances/any other Government approvals required for prior to commercialization of the product/process and expected time required for such approvals.   200 Words

5. Describe Commercialization Strategy

  200 Words

6. Teams Strength

a) U.S. Team   150 Words
b) Indian Team   150 Words
c) Other Partners (Give details about the mentors/ consultants etc., if any)   150 Words

7. Nature and Need of Collaboration

a) Describe the US Partners role and value added in the partnership.   150 Words
b) Describe the Indian Partners role and value added in the partnership.   150 Words
c) Describe the role and value addition by the other Partners (If any).   150 Words
d) Describe agreement/MoU between the partners (if any).   100 Words
e) How well the partners know each other and since how long?   150 Words

8. Milestone & Budget Details

A. Project Period (in Months):

B. Project milestones for monitoring (Not more than 3) :

Stage Milestone Details Period
(in months)
Role of Indian Partner, activities to be performed and progress indicators Role of US Partner, activities to be performed and progress indicators

C. Milestone-wise breakup of project budget (In INR) :

Milestone Indian Partner US Partner Total Cost
  (in INR) (in INR) (in USD)* (in INR)
Milestone 1        
Milestone 2        
Milestone 3        

*Exchange Rate: - 1 US Dollar ($) = Rs. 60 for notional purpose only.


  • All figures mentioned in the above table should be in Indian Rupee (INR) only. No additional funds will be released for any exchange rate variations; this may be provided for in the contingencies head.
  • No institutional overheads/ indirect costs are permitted.
  • The Endowment Fund does not provide for any fluctuations in dollar exchange rates or funding items and activities in the total budget. However, provisions for this may be kept in the Contingencies budget (upto ten percent (10%) of the total budget).

D. Total Budget of the Project (in Indian Rupees INR):

S. No. Particulars Total Cost
(in INR)
1 Overall cost of the project  
2 Expected from the US India Science and Technology Endowment Fund  
3 Funding from other sources (Please specify in detail, separately)
  1. Grants received from federal/ non-federal government agencies by the company
  2. Grants received from Venture Capital (VC)
  3. Grants received from Angels Network investors
4 Any other details  

9. Any other relevant information

  100 Words