Annexure II: Preliminary Information and Declaration by Applicant

S. No. Questions Yes No
1. Do you have a partner in US/India?    
2. Is at least one partner a new or small scale commercial/ entrepreneurial entity?    
3. Is it realistic to get to market within 36 months?    
4. Are any project partners, to include Indian and U.S. partners, related by marriage or other personal affiliation? If yes, provide details.    
5. If either of the partner is legally controlled by the other? If yes, provide details.    
6. Do you have a working prototype? If yes, provide details.    
7. Is your product ready to be marketed? If yes, provide details.    
8. Do you have a sustainable business model for commercialization? In case, it is entirely dependent on philanthropy, please describe.    
9. Does your product/technology require a regulatory approval process? If yes, provide details.    
10. Have you applied to the U.S.-India Science & Technology Endowment Fund before? If yes, provide details.    


  1. I hereby declare that the information and record(s) submitted as indicated above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
  2. I hereby agree that my candidacy may be rejected in case any of the information/record(s) furnished above are found to be incorrect.
  3. I will abide by the decision of the U.S.-India Science and Technology Endowment Board.