Annexure V: Business Plan Format

Overall Page limit: Not to exceed 20 pages. Use the following word limits as guidance.


1. Basic Information

  1. Title of the Proposal
  2. Program Area
  3. Contact Information
    1. Lead U.S. Partner
      • Industry/Organization (Name, Address, Country, Zip Code & Website)
      • Contact Person (Name, Designation, Contact Numbers, Email Id)
    2. Lead Indian Partner
      • (Same Details as in iii (a))
    3. Other Indian /U.S. Partners
      • (Same Details as in iii (a))
  4. Have you applied earlier for funding under USISTEF?
    If yes, please provide reference number, proposal title, and all applicant partner names.
  5. What is the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the project?                       20 Words

2. Management and Personnel

a) Brief Biographies of key team members including related experience and accomplishments  
b) Other partners, mentors or strategic relationships  
c) Promoters (name, qualifications, number of years in same business).  
d) Are the partners associated with the project related by marriage?  
e) If either of the partner is legally controlled by the other? If yes, provide details.  

3. Nature and need of Collaboration

a) Describe the U.S. Partners role and value added in the partnership   150 Words
b) Describe the Indian Partners role and value added in the partnership   150 Words
c) Describe the role and value addition by the other Partners (If any)   150 Words
d) Describe agreement/MoU between the partners (if any)   100 Words
e) How well the partners know each other and since how long?   200 Words


1. Problem you are trying to solve

a) Describe the problem and proposed solution?   200 Words
b) What are the existing alternate solutions that people are using and cost of those solutions?   200 Words

3. This section will be updated by September 30, 2014. Please check before submitting Stage 2 application.

2. Description of Innovative Product and Technology

a) What is new/ innovative in the product or technology, which is not offered by other companies that would make social impact?   150 Words
b) What is the current status of the technological development and its validation? Please clarify if the proposed product/technology is at the idea stage/ ready with the prototype/ proof of concept developed/ pilot/ beta/ lab stage/ ready for market.   150 Words
c) What are the critical technologies needed for implementation?   150 Words
d) What is the proprietary nature of the product or technology?   100 Words
e) What are the risks associated with developing this product or technology? How quickly does the technology change? How easily others could copy it?   150 Words

3. Project Timeline

a) What is the current status of the product/service?   150 Words
b) What are the key milestones (3-4) and related timelines for product development and commercialization? Please provide Gantt chart.    


1. Cost Structure, Profitability and Sustainability

a) What are the costs of development?   50 Words
b) Price of the product/services at commercial scale   50 Words
c) How will you sustain the business?   150 Words

2. Historical and Projected Growth Rates

a) Profit and Loss Statement/Projection  
b) Cash Flow Statement/Projection  
c) Sources & Use of funds  
d) Assumptions for above projections  

3. Future Funding Strategy

a) Describe any additional funding required for the project over the next 3 years.  
b) Describe any current fund raising activities and planned in the near future.  


1. Market size and customer definition

a) Describe your target customer;   100 Words
b) Describe market size;   100 Words
c) Describe competition and respective market share   200 Words

2. Commercialization Strategy

a) Is there a commercial entity, which has been set up?   Yes/No
b) If yes, details -Location, date of incorporation, registration number, etc.?   50 Words
c) If no, likely place and date of incorporation.   50 Words

3. Sales & Marketing Strategy

a) Describe channels to be used for sales/marketing   150 Words
b) Partnerships - mention existing & expected separately   150 Words

4. Risks & Challenges for scaling up

a) Manufacturing Challenges (If any)   150 Words
b) Customer   100 Words
c) Service   100 Words
d) HR   100 Words
e) Regulatory Compliances/ Environmental clearances/any other Government approvals required for prior to commercialization of the product/process and expected time required for such approvals.   200 Words

5. Any other relevant information

  200 Words