Affordable, clean cookstove and electric power sources for rural India

Neha Juneja

Greenway Grameen Infra Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai

Aleksandr Kushch

Hi-Z Technology Inc. San Diego, CA

The Problem:

Over 160 million households constituting 70% of India's population are cooking on polluting cookstoves/indoor open fires. Over 50 million households do not have access to reliable electricity.

The Solution:

The Greenway Power Stove is a complete household energy solution that combines clean cooking and reliable, on-demand power generation. The stove employs a novel clean combustion technology and state of the art thermoelectric power generation technology making it a high performance and user desirable solution. The solution is based on low cost thermoelectric modules that generate electricity from the stove during cooking. It cooks for a family of 8 delivering 65% fuel savings and 70% smoke reduction while generating 5 watts of power i.e. a roomful of light (120 lumens) for 6 hours + a full smart phone recharge over 2.5 hours of cooking. It has been designed maintaining usability features such as a front feeding design and control over combustion and power generation.