TiECon 2015: Disruptive Entrepreneurship

May 15-16, Santa Clara Convention Centre, Silicon Valley, CA

The United States-India Science and Technology Endowment Fund (USISTEF) team led by Mr. George Sibley Minister Counselor, Economic, Environment, Science & Technology Affairs, U.S. Embassy, New Delhi & the U.S. co-Chair of the USISTEF Board, Mr. R. Varadarajan, Controller, Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) and Ms. Aashita Apoorva, Program Officer, IUSSTF have participated at the TiECon 2015: Disruptive Entrepreneurship conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Silicon Valley on May 15-16, 2015. TiECon is an event “where the world’s wealth connects with technology stealth to create an energizing environment for start-ups to take off.” It is the largest global gathering of entrepreneurship and it brings together Silicon Valley’s diverse, dynamic, and expert ecosystem to ignite and display disruptive technology innovation. This year 4,800 delegates from 22 countries attended TiECon.

The objective of USISTEF`s participation in the TiECon 2015 was to provide greater visibility and outreach of the Endowment Fund activities, and an extensive promotional exercise for the newly announced Sixth call of the Endowment Fund in the United States.

As part of the partnership between USISTEF and the organizers of the event, TiE Silicon Valley, USISTEF received, at no charge, a booth at the TiECon-Tech Exposition to display the Endowment’s activities and funding opportunities. A number of USISTEF`s project teams also showcased their innovative products and technologies from their Endowment-supported projects. The participation of USISTEF’s project teams at TiECon -2015 & Tech Expo provided the teams an unique opportunity for networking and partnering opportunities. USISTEF`s booth attracted much attention and had a very good footfall and gave a maximum outreach of its activities.

Mr. Sibley was a keynote speaker for the “Global Entrepreneurship” track on May 16. In his remarks (Access Link), Mr. Sibley highlighted various initiatives taken by the U.S. President on innovation and entrepreneurship. He spoke about various binational funding programs and elaborated the objectives, timeline and processes of the Endowment Fund. He also lauded the Indian entrepreneurs for being more brave and courageous on taking risks by citing an interesting example of the U.S. game of baseball, comparing it with the Indian game of cricket. American entrepreneurs are used to baseball where the batter may come to bat and be “out” multiple times in nine innings before hitting a home run to win the game, while Indian entrepreneurs are accustomed to cricket, where it takes only one mistake to be declared “out” with no further chance at redemption. His speech was highly applauded by many participants.