Easy to use, Integrated Neonatal Resuscitation Solution

Avijit Bansal

Windmill Health Technologies New Delhi

Dan Harden

Whipsaw San Jose, CA

The Problem:

Five out of every hundred babies born (6 million worldwide, 1.3 M in India every year) has birth asphyxia. In fact, 904,000 children (210,000 in India) will die and an equal number will be disabled for life every year. 811,000 deaths annually from Birth Asphyxia,largely preventable by basic resuscitation. Current devices are difficult to use, ineffective especially in developing world.

The Solution:

The innovation (NeoBreathe TM) is an integrated neonatal resuscitation solution that's much easier to use and suitable for field conditions. It will therefore empower front-line health workers such as medical professionals, community health workers, midwives and other skilled birth attendants to perform basic neonatal resuscitation effectively – with minimal training.