Development of a low-cost, portable auto-refractor

Sriram Ravilla

Aurolab, Madurai

Shivang R. Dave

PlenOptika, Somerville, MA

The Problem:

More than 1 billion people worldwide are suffering from poor vision because they do not have the prescription eyeglasses they need. A major barrier to obtaining eyeglasses in low-resource settings is getting an accurate prescription. There is an acute shortage of trained optometrists to prescribe eyeglasses and current technologies for measuring a prescription requires intensive training to use or are too expensive for widespread use.

The Solution:

The team aims to improve eye care through the QuickSee - an innovative, inexpensive, handheld device that quickly prescribes corrective eyeglasses with the click of a button. While maintaining the current standard of care, this device will enable a ten-fold reduction in the time needed to measure an eye for corrective eyeglasses and can be used by technicians with minimal training.