Developing novel biological seed treatments to confer abiotic stress tolerance in crops

Anup Karwa

SFPL Crop Life Sciences Private Limited, Krishidhan Seeds, Jalna, Maharashtra

Rusty Rodriguez

Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies, Seattle, WA

The Problem:

Only 9% of the planet landmass is conducive for crop production, while 91% is under abiotic and biotic stresses (drought, salinity, temperature) which are further likely to increase due to land degradation, urbanization and climate change. The global population is continuously expected to increase and agricultural production must increase to ensure food security.

The Solution:

The team intends to commercialize a proprietary novel seed treatment called BioEnsure which is developed by harnessing natural symbiotic microorganisms designed to improve the tolerance of plants to abiotic stresses such as drought, salinity and temperature is envisaged for commercialization. BioEnsure enables a broad-spectrum of agricultural crops to flourish under areas of drought, extreme temperatures and saline soils. The team intends to test and deploy this product in India besides also isolating native strains that would optimize the efficiency of final product.