Affordable and User-Centric Knee Joints to Remobilize Above-Knee Amputees in India and Globally

Pooja Sandeepan

Bhagwan Mahaveer, Viklang SahayataSamiti (BMVSS), Jaipur

Krista Donaldson

D-Rev, (Design Revolution) San Francisco, CA

The Problem:

Over 1.9 million people in India are above-the-knee amputees and unable to live productive lives. With 77% of India's population living under $2 a day, amputees rarely receive rehabilitation and have no access to quality prostheses.

The Solution:

The team proposes to co-develop an affordable polycentric and user-centric knee joints the ReMotion Knee version 3 to remobilize above-knee amputees in India and globally. The ReMotion Knee is a high-performance, low-cost prosthetic knee joint for above-knee amputees specifically designed for low-resource users. ReMotion is radically affordable. It will retail at less than $80, yet designed to perform on par or better than expensive polycentric knees, which usually start at $1,400. Unlike other prosthetic knees, ReMotion will be optimized specifically for the environment, activities, and price parameters of low-resource users. The US-India Science & Technology Endowment Fund will support the final development, testing and launch of the ReMotion knee (version 3). With the US– India S & T Endowment Fund support the ReMotion Knee will reach global markets in 2014.